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Juliana Xerez is a passionate individual who began her career in the modeling industry in Milan. As a model, she had the opportunity to travel the world and immerse herself in different cultures, which sparked her fascination with the art of fine jewelry. She decided to pursue her interest further by enrolling in Gemology Institute of America, a prestigious gem school renowned for its high standards.

After completing her studies at Gemology Institute of America , Juliana continued to hone her skills by furthering her education at International Gemology Institute, where she discovered her talent for designing jewelry. It was at Dubai Design Academy, however, that she truly excelled in the art of jewelry design. She learned intricate techniques and developed a keen eye for detail, which allowed her to create exquisite pieces that captivate the hearts of her clients.

For Juliana, the idea of giving the gift of jewelry is a timeless and meaningful gesture. She believes that jewelry is a treasured possession that lasts forever and is a testament to one's enduring love and appreciation. Moreover, Juliana is an ardent admirer of the healing properties of gemstones and their ability to enhance the beauty of women while also protecting them from negative energy.

Juliana believes that gemstones are immensely powerful and can help people grow spiritually and connect with their higher selves. By grounding themselves and being present and aware of the blessings of this world, people can live their best lives. For Juliana, God is within us, and we need only to connect, be present, and listen to ourselves, following our intuition. Once we find that magical place within ourselves, life becomes an easier journey to enjoy.

Check out our private launch event in Sao Paulo

Juliana currently resides in Dubai, but she was originally born in Sao Paulo. It was important to her to launch her brand surrounded by her family and friends, so she decided to hold a private event to celebrate the start of her business. Before this launch, she had been designing jewelry for herself and creating bespoke designs only upon request.


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