From Earth's Heart to Your Fingertip: A Sapphire's Journey, by Juliana Xerez

10 de jul. de 2024by Juliana Xerez

As a fine jewelry designer here in Dubai, sapphires have become my muse. Forget the diamonds for a moment (although they have their place!), the sapphires have a deep color, whispered storytelling in every piece, which is one among my favorite.
The story of  sapphire begins millions of years ago, far from the hustle and bustle of our showrooms, deep in the earth.

Millions of Years in the Making

Imagine this: millions of years ago under tremendous pressure that is hard to imagine, change is taking place. Ordinary aluminum oxide crystals recognize unique elements such as iron and chromium, slowly and patiently evolving into the sapphires we value today This is a gentle burn, a testament to nature’s work of art over time a scale we can barely comprehend.

The joy of the hunt

Fast forward to today. These precious stones are now held in two main places: scattered along the ancient riverbank, like a forgotten treasure, or hidden in the rocks like a mystery waiting to be unearthed.

Sapphires are mined around the world, from ancient times and continuing into modern day mining efforts. Miners with years of experience and a practiced eye with the help of specialized equipment to remove it effectively. It’s a delicate dance, ensuring that you bring each sapphire to light intact. 

Unleashing the Inner Fire

Fresh from the earth, a sapphire is rough and unpolished. But inside it lies a enchanting potential, a hidden hearth ready to be unleashed. That's in which the skilled artisans are available.

The meticulous cutting and polishing the stone, each facet a strategic selection to maximise the sapphire's brilliance and the fascinating play of shade. It's like sculpting a masterpiece from a raw diamond within the hard – watching the light capture and dance in the stone is always a moment of natural magic.

From Gemstone to Heirloom

Now comes the part I genuinely love: the design process! i precisely pick out the precise stones for every piece, the intensity shade, the reflection of lighting fixtures every piece has a completely unique tale. Some sapphires demand a formidable, statement design, at the same time as others call for a extra delicate touch.The challenge is coming up with a design that complements the inherent beauty of the stone, a design that will become a unique treasure.

Imagine the unique arts in each jewelry, sparking conversations, delicate necklaces that whisper beauty, jewelry that dance with light, and bracelets that end up a part of you – each one meticulously crafted to be a canvas for the sapphire's magic

A Treasure Delivered

Before a sapphire graces goes to the final stage, it undergoes a rigorous inspection. Every detail is scrutinized, ensuring only the finest pieces make it to you.


I believe each sapphire whispers a story, a journey that started out thousands and thousands of years in the past within the Earth's embrace. At Juliana Xerez, we are venerated to be part of this fascinating story. We carry you these exceptional pieces, taking pictures the timeless essence of the sapphire – a testomony to nature's artistry and the meticulous touch of human craftsmanship. So, the subsequent time you lose yourself in the depths of a sapphire, don't forget the great odyssey it undertook to attain your fingertip. It's a story hundreds of thousands of years inside the making, a tale waiting to be persisted for your own adventure.

Other Benefits of Sapphires

In addition to its beauty, sapphires and other gemstones offer many benefits, both physical and spiritual. For example, colored sapphires are a wonderful tool for balancing the 7 chakras in your body.Each color corresponds to a different chakra and promotes healing and balance. 

Blue Sapphires: Blue sapphires associated with the throat chakra enhance communication, self-expression, and spiritual vision. It is believed to clear the mind and help communicate thoughts and ideas more effectively.

Yellow Sapphires: Yellow sapphires associated with the solar plexus chakra are thought to bring prosperity, confidence and happiness. They can boost your self-worth and personal power.

Green Sapphires: Associated with the heart chakra, green sapphires promote compassion, honesty and integrity. It is believed to promote emotional balance and heart-based insight.

Pink Sapphire: Also connected through the heart chakra, pink sapphires promote love, forgiveness and acceptance. They can help heal emotional wounds and foster loving relationships.

White Sapphire: White sapphire associated with the crown chakra enhances thought clarity and spiritual awakening. You are believed to be connected to higher realms of consciousness and divine wisdom.

Healing Properties of Sapphire

Emotional healing: Sapphire is known for its calming and balancing properties. They help release mental tension, unwanted thoughts, and spiritual turmoil. By promoting peace and tranquility, sapphire helps promote emotional healing and well-being.
Some believe that sapphires can also help with physical healing. It is thought to increase muscle strength and elasticity. Blue sapphire in particular is believed to reduce eye pressure and promote overall eye health. enhancement of personal development

Amethyst is often associated with intelligence and knowledge. They enhance emotions and insights that are believed to enable you to make better decisions and understand deeper truths. Manifestation: By aligning and balancing your chakras, sapphire can help you manifest your goals and desires. They are believed to attract prosperity and success, making them a powerful tool to fulfill your ambitions.

Cultural understanding

Throughout history, sapphires have been valued for their occult and protective properties. They are worn by royal priests as symbols of wisdom and purity. In various cultures, sapphires are considered sacred stones that can bring divine favor and protection.

Adding these stunning stones to your jewelery not only enhances their beauty but allows them to channel its believed properties into the customer. At Juliana Xerez, our mission is to create jewelry that is both visually captivating and spiritually enriching. Our pieces are designed to harmonize with your unique path and support your holistic well-being.

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