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Designer jewelry collection comes in many forms. Some of the most well-known categories are high jewelry, designer jewelry, custom jewelry, and studio jewelry. High Jewelry is one of the most expensive of all the designer jewelry collections available at a designer collection. High jewelry is the translation from the French Haute joaillerie and means high-end jewelry. High jewelry is distinguished by exquisite design, rare and expensive materials, and expert craftsmanship. Pieces of high jewelry are often one of a kind, as the rarity of the gemstones used prohibits any sort of mass production.

At Juliana Xerez, we give our customers the satisfaction of being able to get the designs of their choice at a price that’s market competitive. Our design specifications are often dictated by the customer and usually involve some handcrafting. We make sure that we have a little something for everyone who comes to us with their jewelry needs. We believe that everyone deserves to have a little designer jewelry in their life.

Our Customers Love What We Do


Dyuti Parruck

I was looking for a diamond ring for proposal when my friend/boss recommended me to Juliana Xerez collection. Not only the end product was mesmerizing, but it was done custom made from design to making all in just 5 days.

She said ‘YES’ and she didn’t even remove it once since we are married. Thank you Juliana Xerez for the most beautiful ring on her finger.


Rose Wojcik

A designer Juliana Xerez, transformou em joia rara e unica, todo o meu desejo e satisfacao. Traduzindo e trazendo para a realidade, meu sonho!
Eu Amei!!
Me apaixonei por ela, desde o primeiro momento que a vi. Delicada, fina… minha Joia


Heloah Vidovix

Im completely in love with my sapphire ring. I can pair this with any outfit whether I wear it for work or parties.
Very elegant and classy finish!

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