Black Diamonds

Have you fallen in love with the idea of black diamond engagement rings? Black diamonds are rare, mysterious, and make for fascinating and eye-catching pieces. Black Orlov diamond is one of the most famous black diamond. It is a dark steely grey coloured 67-carat diamond with unknown origin. It was initially a part of a 195-carat black diamond gem which was set into an idol in India before it was stolen.

India has always had black diamonds in awe. Traditionally, they were considered to be cursed because their look resembled snakes’ and spiders’ eyes. However, not all black diamonds have dark affiliations. They are also considered to have a property that saves an ailing relationship from problems; therefore, couples believe that touching a black diamond will absorb the problems they are experiencing.

The 88-carat Korloff Noir is the world’s biggest known black diamond and is considered to hold similar properties. It is believed to give luck and happiness to anyone that touches it.

Where They Come From

Black diamonds were formed up to 3.8 billion years ago. They are typically mined from the beds of streams and are only found in Brazil and parts of Central Africa. They are rare because only three metric tons have been mined. Their discovery took place in Brazil and was named ‘carbonados’ by Portuguese settlers. It got the name from the burnt (carbonised) appearance of the raw stones.

Black diamonds are mysterious because not everyone agrees on how they came into being. Some believe that black diamonds came into existence through radiation, while others have proposed that black diamonds were formed in outer space and left on Earth due to the crash of asteroid millions of years ago.

They Are Not A Coloured Diamond

Pink and yellow fancy coloured diamonds get their distinctive hues from the exposure to minerals while forming. On the other hand, black diamonds are not coloured at all. Black diamonds are opaque, which are caused by the high amount of inclusions, or clusters of graphite, in the diamonds. The high levels make the gem appear black. Unlike white diamonds, black diamonds don’t shine by reflecting light. Instead, they absorb light, giving them a unique marble-like allure. Black diamonds are also hard to cut, that’s why, next time you wear your black ring, don’t forget that a lot of patience and love went into its cutting.

Achieving Your Dream Ring

Pairing black diamonds with white diamonds make an interesting graphic contrast, but the white diamonds also draw light towards the diamond. It’s also important to consider which metal you want for black diamond jewellery. The boldness and powerful colour of black diamonds work well with 14k white gold, platinum and other white metals.



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