Jewelry, for centuries, has been a way for people to express their unique and personal style. It is, of course, also a way for one to adorn and complement one’s outfit. Different cultures around the world have their own unique jewelry styles that represent their cultures and traditions. These items can be bold and catchy for some occasions while they can be delicate and more subtle for other times. Here is a list of some of the unique jewelry items from around the world. 

An Indian Kamarband is a waist chain that is made from silver, gold, or even steel and is worn by women around their waist all across India. The word ‘cummerbund’ is driven from the same name and is used to refer to the part of the tuxedo worn around the waist.
These chains can be a simple, single wrap, or a more complex series of chains with several ornaments. These kamarbands are recently becoming more and more popular around the world and can be worn as decorative wears on jeans and crop tops or skirts. They can be used to bring a little bling to your beachwear. 

The Celtic people have been known to have inhabited the British Isles and a large part of Western Europe for many years. Their jewelry has become associated, primarily, with Ireland. Although many people are aware of the Celtic knots as rings or bracelets, torques are a much lesser-known part of the Celtic jewelry. Torques are metal necklaces that are open in the front or the back and are heavily adorned. In ancient times Torques were usually worn by royalty. These were depicted being worn by Gods and Goddesses as a symbol of power. Torques are even used to describe metal arm cuffs and are a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry that is sure to make a statement. 

A Kanzashi is a Japanese hair ornament almost exclusively used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. The very first kinds of Kanzashi used were simple hair sticks that were used to hold together an up hairdo like a bun. They were used during the Jomon period and were considered to have a mystical, magical power that could ward off evil spirits. During their long history, there was also a time when they were used not as a hair accessory alone but would also double as a weapon. Kanzashi have retained their popularity well into the modern age; this stands especially true for brides. Today, there are many variations to the traditional Kanzashi, which includes a comb and folded paper flowers. However, the old and traditional Kanzashi is still the go-to for many. They can be found made into precious metal or enameled.


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