Along with the best of wishes for amazing health and happiness, this article brings you a list of jewelry styles you must follow for this year. While talking about jewelry trends for 2020, the primary point to remember is that fine jewelry trends are not a revolution. They are an evolution. Look at the steps below to know the top jewelry trend for 2020.


Take the heavy gold omega chain and pair it with a long pendant necklace. Next step: take another necklace that falls below the collar, and it’s trendy again. Make sure to vary the thicknesses as well as the lengths of your chains to get the look right. In addition to layering necklaces, you can do the same with your bracelets and even with rings.

Smaller Diamonds

Another hot trend is that couples are spending less on their engagement rings and choosing smaller diamonds. Since 2013, the number of couples opting for engagement rings where the central diamond was smaller than 0.25 carat has doubled. Selecting a tiny ring is the new trend and is making news in the other jewelry too. 


Costume jewelry and fine jewelry: who says it can’t be worn together? Mixing high and low in the same piece, for example, leather and gold, has been happening in the fine jewelry for over three decades. The concurrent rise of casual dress in the workplace gave the high/low jewelry trend relevance far beyond price. Today, we can see many fine jewelry designers adding an element of costume eccentricity into their designs without the casual observer knowing that a piece is fine or fashion.


Pearls just got kicked into an even higher level with Emma Stone getting a pearl ring from fiancé Dave McCary. The chic ring served as a trend-setter. The couple covered off their private relationship with an infamously understated ring.



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