Winters are a great time to amp up your wardrobe with those oversized hoodies, sweaters, turtlenecks, boots, etc. but is it possible to wear your jewelry when you are layered in cashmere, bundled in different styles of parkas and your accessories mainly consist of hats, gloves and earmuffs and the kind of shawls and scarves that are wrapped around your neck and sometimes even face.
Well, yes, if you have the will to add bling to your wardrobe still, then there is a way. Especially now that jewelry has become so much more customized. It’s hard to go out without a piece that has some personal style and also makes a statement about you. So, here are a few tips to make you rock that winter wardrobe while adding some jewelry that will work out perfectly with your overall look.


Rings are always something that you can wear and rock. While stack rings look amazing, especially during the warm summer months, when you can combine them with your t-shirts and tanks, they are a little harder to manage during the winter months. With the constant taking on and off of gloves, there is a fair chance that you might end up losing one of your precious rings. And so, it’s much safer to wear just one or more larger and bolder ring in the winter. They have a stand-out appeal to them that is much more suited to your winter wardrobe. You may even wear one with colored gems that will pop with the winter staples of greys and blacks and signets with symbolism that can act as your winter talisman.

Ear Studs

To accessorize your ears, studs are the perfect go-to jewels for your lobes. They are easier to manage as they won’t get caught in your scarves or high oversized turtlenecks. There is a myriad of fun, daring, and imaginative ear studs to choose from and pick as suited to your style. They have been trending for a while now and look great with your winter formal or casual wardrobe.


Bracelets are another winter accessory that you can wear during those long cold winter months. The best way to go about the bracelets on your long sleeves without feeling too hefty is by getting one that is oversized curb chained or an ID bracelet. These can be worn over lightweight sweater sleeves.


Finally, show off that turtle neck or sweater with your scarf wrapped around your neck with an elongated necklace that is chunky on its own or has a large locket that gives it a solid look while
landing around your ribcage. Or a delicate chain with a small pendant on top of your slim turtle neck, during those early winter months, and top it off with a jacket.
These were just a few tips to make your winter wardrobe pop with some essential jewelry. Don’t let those layers stop you from getting your bling on this winter and keep shining.


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