People from all walks of life have long used crystals and gemstones for healing purposes. From ancient Sumerians to the Modern Yogis, everyone has used these stones and even benefited from them. For some people, it may be another way of wasting time, but for others, it’s a complete belief system.
Each crystal and gemstone have its own set of vibrations and healing properties. While some may be used to heal the body, others are used to provide nourishment to the spirit and help foster a better relationship in life and bring about a balance. They are used to treat people’s energies and their aura. Draw out the negativity that we as humans are exposed to every day in our lives and balance that energy out with their positive healing energy.

Healing crystals are natural stones that are used to manifest life-goals, dreams, and even intentions. These stones essentially harness the powers of the Earth's naturally occurring elements, i.e., the sun, moon, ocean, and the Universe, to invite healing energies inwards. They aren’t some magic stones that might change your life overnight but rather the remnants from the Earth with the Molecular Vibrations that are stored as information within them. It is these vibrations that are manifested when they are held or touched by a person with specific intentions or hopes, the crystal then amplifies and accentuates those intentions as discovered by the Marcel Vogel. Vogel discovered and explained the powerful energy of the healing crystals in the 20 th century, but ancient civilizations have been using them for thousands of years in the form of amulets of good fortune and protection.

The healing technique that is used using healing crystals is by putting these crystals around the body of the person being treated to start the healing process. These crystals have different energies; it’s a good idea to know which crystal is the one for you and perfect for your needs. Sometimes there may be a crystal that you are just naturally attracted to. The below-mentioned stones/ crystals are the top most used crystals for healing.


This is one of the most commonly used crystal/gemstones used in the healing sessions. They are known to be used to cure hangovers, and also drunkenness. It is also said that this particular crystal helps people connect with their spirituality as well as it also helps improve psychic abilities. It’s an excellent crystal for people whose star sign is Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, and Capricorn.

Raw Emerald

This is one of those stars that can help with love. This crystal has often named the stone for healthy love. It helps promote focus and bring about a positivity by clearing negativity and encourage loyalty and sensitivity. It is also the crystal that aids in recovery. Raw Emerald crystal can be perfect for people with zodiac signs like Taurus, Gemini, and Aries.


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