For many women, jewelry is their best friend, and that’s is why it is no surprise to have several pieces of it in your room. Beautiful designer jewelry has the power to add beauty and make you feel more confident. But, just like everything, even jewelry needs protection and care. It doesn’t matter if you have a few or dozens of them because you need to keep them in their best condition.

Cleaning sterling silver jewelry has unfortunately earned a reputation for being a difficult task. However, several simple ways help you clean your jewelry and jeep it stunning for many years to come.

Preventing Your Jewelry From Tarnishing

A crucial step to keep your silver jewelry bright is via the prevention of tarnish. Even though such a factor is rarely discussed, having the right knowledge to prevent tarnishing can save hours of cleaning time. Make sure that you remove your silver sterling jewels when you apply lotions, perfumes, hair spray, and other similar items. You have to avoid getting drinks, foods, and makeup on your silver jewelry. Rinsing it with mild and phosphate soap once a stain happens is the right to keep it durable and its original condition.

Using Pointers To Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

The usual method to clean sterling silver jewelry is by using soft cloth or cotton. It assists in removing oil or dirt that can get on your jewelry through contact with the environment and skin. However, you can also opt for soft and non-abrasive clothes that are available at the majority of jewelry stores. These clothes are specially designed and chemically treated for polishing jewelry and removing stains.

Thorough Cleaning

Often, jewelry gets stains that might require thorough cleaning. For this, using detergent is an excellent method, mixed with several pinches of baking soda or any other kind of mild and non-phosphate ingredient. Rubbing the mixture with soft toothbrushes and scrubbers also help and is a perfect way if you are looking for deep cleaning. However, you should be careful since unnecessary scrubs can cause scratches on the surface, making your jewelry look dull and unattractive.

Keeping It Secure

Once you have cleaned the jewelry, it is time to keep it in a safe place. When you have no plans of wearing your jewelry, you should carefully place it in a sealed cloth or plastic bag to lessen the exposure to the environment, oxygen, and humidity.

In conclusion, if you wish to make the most out of your sterling silver jewelry, remember these simple methods to prolong its life and brilliance.


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