We wait for the summer and spring months to come and breathe life and color into everything around. While we are on the subject of color, let’s talk about the Pantone fashion color trend report. This report is an annual guide that is published as a guide for the fashion industry, sharing the color trend that we should expect to see on all things, from clothes to accessories, for the rest of the fashion season to come.

Talking about the color choices for the year of 2020, Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone institute said, “Combining our desire for stability, creativity, and more spontaneous design approaches, the color palette for Spring/Summer 2020 infuses heritage and tradition with a colorful, youthful update that creates strong multi-colored combinations as well as energizing and optimistic pairings.”

Below is our guide to some gemstones that are as per the Pantone color guide for the spring/summer collection that you can pair up with your wardrobe and up your fashion game.

Classic Blue
This color was included in this year’s guide as the classic blue color is evocative of the vast and infinite sky that is there as a reminder of the world of possibilities that is open to us. Our choice of gem for this color would be the Sapphire. And even though sapphire is available in many colors to us, the classic blue color is what it’s most famous for. This gemstone makes all jewelry shines and pairs well with many other colors and styles.

Flame Scarlet
Flame Scarlet was chosen as a color of power that exudes confidence and determination. A simple ring with rose gold setting or any piece of jewelry with a ruby as the gem of choice would be perfect to complement the warm and vibrant color that is flame scarlet.

Coral Pink
This color envelops you in its warm, comfortable, and welcoming embrace. The light soft blush is the color of the new spring in bloom inspired by the cherry blossoms that bloom once a year. This color shimmers in the morganite gemstone and is accentuated when setting against the pink undertones of rose gold.

Grape Compote
Pantone describes grape Compote as being mysterious and mellow. These properties of the deep purple are embodied perfectly by the alexandrite gemstone. This gemstone is known for having the visual properties of changing its color when viewed under a different light — shifting from bluish-green purplish red. This mysterious gemstone is perfect for those who are looking to make an eccentric statement. These are some colors from the Pantone color guide with there respective gems that we think would be perfect for you to amp up your wardrobe and keep up with the changing trends.


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