History is witness to the fact that women and pearls together have embodied the very notion of glamour and sophistication. Pearl is hard to neglect gem because of its various symbolic meanings. The first woman, in history, to have introduced pearls as a symbol of wealth and power, into the spotlight was Cleopatra. She once dissolved one of the pearls from her necklace into vinegar before claiming to treat her guests to the most expensive meal ever and then downing the drink in one go. Such was the place of peals back then, and it still holds today. The later centuries to come, the women of nobility used to wear pearls as a symbol of status, femininity, and elegance. What we get from these stories is that pearl has always been used to celebrate self-love that can instantly invoke a confident smile and a luminescent glow of delight on a lady’s face. They can make you look edgy, powerful, and confident, yet at the same time, they have a softness to them along with a feel of romance, elegance, and femininity. It can very quickly become the gem that can be an expression on self and bring out your best qualities. Here are a few ways that you can use this gem to style yourself and shine in the crowd. Delicate necklaces are a fantastic minimal accessory. A necklace with a single pearl in a gem in it adds the natural beauty of a genuine pearl to any accessory. It is excellent to wear for layering or as a simplistic bit of sheen. This trend has recently come back in full swing and can make you look beautiful and playful. Pearl chokers can be timeless and modern at the same time. They can come in flexible rows of graduated cultured pearls or can have a more vintage look and feel to it by having multiple layers, and one central crystal or motif embellished diamonds. They can make anyone wearing them cute yet elegant at the same time.
Jewelry designs constantly evolve; therefore, pearls would never be old-fashioned. You can always style that long pearl necklace with your evening dress and look ethereal or wear your choker set and be that elegant and modern lady in the room. The pearls will always have you looking ravishing. The way you
style it is what defines your look. That’s what makes pearls cool and elegant at the same time.


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