Signet rings are the latest hot trend that has made a comeback from the past. You can see them on both men and women alike. Signet rings have a long and interesting history that dates back to a couple of centuries. These rings were the original ‘signature’ that was used by the aristocratic men used to stamp wax seals on important letters or documents. This was during a time when illiteracy was common, and the sign by a signet was considered more authentic than the actual written signature.

Signet as a word means small seal, and men initially wore these rings with a ring bearing crests of the family. This was a time when men solely ruled the world. They owned property, made the rules, and had a signature. These rings were known as the gentleman’s ring. But today, these rings are known as the style icon they are and can be seen adorning the fingers of men and women alike. They are a fashion choice and a way to express a person’s personality, style, and taste. They no longer represent and boost the patriarchal society we live in.
These rings are highly personal, and the best of them are made by hand to suit the wearer’s mood and personality. The typical features of a signet ring can include engraved crests, intaglios, monograms, inset gemstones, and large bevels.

In the past, the signet rings were highly personal and always had their insignia that would be hard to replicate. And when the ring bearer would die, the ring was destroyed to ensure that no other replica was created. However, today these rings signify closeness as a sense of community and belonging. A ring sporting a crest of society, fraternity, or institution will enhance a sense of belonging to that group. Having a symbol or personal icon is a popular form of expression, and wearing a ring can be a daily reminder of meaningful identification.

These are beautiful rings and can be bought through various online platforms today. You can personalize your signet ring to your liking. The signet ring adds subtle sophistication and style while representing tradition and individual values, and a must-have iconic piece for trendsetting men and women.


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