Bronze has the honor of being the first-ever metal alloy that was discovered and has been used for 3000 years. It’s a particularly durable metal that has played a vital role in history. It is well known for its durability and the wide range of things it can be used for. Bronze jewelry has been worn ever since the metal was discovered, and it’s easy to under why? It’s an enduring metal and still a popular choice for accessories. With its attractive golden-brown hue, vintage charm, and subdued luster, bronze makes for beautiful jewelry and is very popular in a few parts of the world.

Bronze is an alloy, which means it’s not a pure metal and is made by combining copper (88%) and tin (12%). Some other metals are also added to make it stronger like aluminum, zinc, nickel, silicon, arsenic and phosphorus. This makes bronze extremely durable.
Before bronze was created, the three primary materials used by humans had to work with were stone, wood and copper. Bronze was created 3000 years, and because of how durable it is, it was mostly used for making weapons, construction and industries. Bronze as also ideal for sculpture building, musical instruments, coins, medals and jewelry. Essentially, bronze revolutionized human life which is why this period is known as the Bronze age.

Even though bronze is beautiful in its natural form and is extremely durable and robust, it’s still not as pliable as copper. Bronze tarnishes overtime when the copper in it reacts with the air moisture and starts oxidizing, leading to it developing a green patina. Although the patina is sometimes preserved for aesthetic purposes, to add a vintage look to the jewelry, most people prefer clean and sparkling bronze.

Being a versatile metal, bronze suits all skin tones. The warm tan earthy color of bronze is fit to wear on any occasion. It’s commonly made into large, eye-catching statement pieces like thick stylish cuffs, large rings, and necklaces. It also goes well with a lot of gemstones and is sometimes combined with other metals for a trendier and more modern look. It is said that wearing bronze can assist with copper deficiency and it’s also said to help with arthritis, rheumatism and joint pain, among other problems.

Bronze jewelry is stylish, affordable, and unique, and it’s also not a mainstream metal, so it’s best to try finding it online and select from a broader range of options.


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