Lately, it’s started feeling like the ’90s are making a come back into the fashion world, and jewelry is a big part of this vibrant world. All the fads and edgy slash kitschy things are no longer a thing to be surprised of. One big part of the fashion trends that are making a comeback on people’s wrists are charm bracelets. Essentially, a charm bracelet is a simple bracelet that has tiny charms attached to it. Charms are small decorative trinkets that can be symbolic and meaningful to the owner of the bracelet. In the past, these charms were used as amulets to protect the wearer against evil, but today they can be used to signify a large variety of different things from hobbies to interests to the places that they have traveled to a symbolic representation of everything meaningful in one’s life. 

Even though they seem to be reasonably new, charm bracelets have been around for hundreds of years. There is evidence that in the Neolithic Era, over 12,000 years ago, humans in that time used to wear charm bracelets as a way to protect themselves. These bracelets were made from materials like wood, shells, stones, or even bones that were carved into various unique shapes. During the Egyptian Period some 5000 years ago, charms, also called amulets, were worn to bring good luck or to ward off evil. People also used to incorporate these charms into their jewelry and were even buried with them to be taken to the afterlife with them. The Babylonians and Persians used to wear bracelets with charms and believed that these had magical powers that would keep them safe and bring them good fortune. The Victorian era is considered to be the Golden age for the charms. Queen Victoria was responsible for bringing charms into the light as she was an avid fan of jewelry. But she wore these charms as a way of decoration instead of as a form of protection. 

Today there are many types of charms that people use in their bracelets, each with its significance and meaning to the wearer, but some of the main types of charms that have been around for a long time and are still very popular are listed below. 

Gemstone charms are ideal as they can add color and a personality to the bracelet and have symbolic meaning for the wearer as these charms can have the wearers’ birthstone as their choice of gem. Those are also considered a people’s favorite when it comes to gemstone charms. 

Charms and also be of lucky symbols, and their purpose can be to bring good luck, fortune and to ward off evil from the wearer. It doesn’t matter if you believe in these or not, it’s a nice symbolic touch and a reminder of positivity. Some of the most popular lucky symbol charms are Hamza Hand, the tree of life, the horseshoe, the eye of the horse, and the four-leaved clover. 

You can also add charms that represent your hobby or passion as a way to customize your charm bracelet. For example, if someone loves to play the guitar, they can add a tiny music charm, like a music note, guitar pick, or even a whole guitar charm to your bracelet. Or if traveling if your hobby, you can add a charm of an airplane, or a compass, a globe, or a charm from somewhere you’ve been to. 

Whether you are new to the charm bracelet fever or old, it’s a fun way to have a personalized piece of jewelry that will always be meaningful to you. It is the ultimate way to express yourself and your style. 


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